Past Productions

According to Tip

HarborSide’s Paul Boghosian co-produced New Repertory Theater’s 2008 presentation of humorist Dick Flavin’s play According to Tip, based on the life and political career of legendary Speaker of the House, Thomas P. O’Neill and featuring the late Ken Howard (The White Shadow) in the starring role.

In 2011, Dick Flavin himself took on the iconic role in a Lyric Stage production, again produced by Mr. Boghosian.

A new production is being planned for Washington D.C.  Stay tuned!





Great Confrontations at the Oxford Union, a series of televised debates hosted by the Oxford Union Society.  This award-winning PBS  series was nominated for a Columbia-DuPont award in the Special News category.


US Sec. Defense Casper Weinberger vs E.P. Thompson (European nuclear freeze movement): “That there is no moral difference between the policy of the US & the USSR.”

Prime Minister of New Zealand vs. Rev. Jerry Falwell: : “That all Nuclear Weapons are Morally Indefensible”

“That Englishmen are Funnier Than Americans” (featuring Steve Allen, Allen King, John Wells, Jasper Carrott)



Undercurrent (1998) starring Lorenzo Lamas, a film that received wide international distribution and showings on premium cable in the U.S.

Undercurrent Trailer