In Development

Black Dog of Fate

A film version of American author Peter Balakian’s account of his odyssey to discover the fate of his Armenian family, who were caught up in the Ottoman Turk Genocide of 1915.


A new musical based a film script by Elizabeth Searle and award-winning Cuban American playwright Melinda Lopez.

Acclaimed Cuban jazz musician and composer Elio Villafranca will be doing the music for MARTA..


The Four Mrs. Hemingways

A new American play by Robert G Pushkar, currently in pre-production.

The Four Mrs. Hemingways pits each wife against him and each other in their journey to find an answer. The play examines the relationships between the true wife, the Catholic, the rival and the caretaker, while simultaneously exploring the price of loyalty, integrity, and creative genius.

NEW: Playwright Robert G. Pushkar reflects on Hemingway’s legacy in his  adoptive hometown,  Key West  

The Kid – Musical

An adaption of Ben Bradlee, Jr’s 2013 book chronicling  the life of Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams, the legendary “Splendid Splinter.”

“The Kid is the story of a man as big as his myth, the story of an exceptional, tumultuous and epic American life – an immortal life.” –